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Lawrence James Cornell
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
For the past few years I have spent my spare time travelling to different parts of the UK to try to get to know my own country and its people better. Photography is my passion. I hope my pictures tell the story I want to tell.

Please respect my right to my images. If you want to use them for any reason please contact me first and ask me. Otherwise I retain all copyright to all of my work.

Please fave as many pictures as you like. I appreciate all of them. What I love is comments. Please leave comments. I will always reply to comments.

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Hello everyone. Usually I tell you when I am going away but this time I am telling you I have come back. I had good wifi last week so you didn't even know I was on holiday did you? Apart from the fact I didn't upload anything new last week it was just like I was here. :hug:
I spent last week in Dumfries & Galloway which is the area of South West Scotland. I went there for something different and that is what I got. An area loaded with history and with some beautiful landscape but not quite what I am used to. Not quite the huge views I love on Skye or in the Highlands but with their own beauty for sure. As the rest of the UK had a heat wave............I didn't. Weather was a challenge all week. Initially jut because if was a dull flat grey which gave way to some non stop rain after a couple of days. Thursday was a glorious bright and sunny day but with no pretty sunset or dawn. Thunder storms were threatened for Friday but never really appeared but the wind was very strong. Far too strong to climb where I had gone. So, a challenging week which forced me to look at other options so I found myself at ruined castles and abbeys and at ancient chambered cairns. I found it frustrating at first but I really settled into the week and was sad to come away. The lesson for me was to deal with what I had and not dream of what I did not have. I played with my converted Nikon D70s too so there will be some b/w infrared from this week as well as some of my normal stuff. I will start uploading soon. :hug: 

So that week is over and it is back to work for me tomorrow. I always find my first week back very hard. I just want to be back out there with my camera. Well, that is the compromise I guess. I work so that I can play. I just like to make sure I play as much as I can :D

Since my last journal I have found some new lovely people here. Some have found me and some of them I have found. This really is somewhere I love to be. I know there are issues that upset people and sometimes people have enough of it but for me it is all about the people. I could leave dA as could anyone. I could just put my pictures somewhere else but hey, that would mean leaving all of you behind. That is not something I would want to consider. Each and everyone of you make my day at some time or another. You make me smile. You make me sing. (Really) You make me want to get better at photography and at being me. I love giving my support where I can and commenting whenever I can. I love seeing your pictures and reading your words. I love all of it and I will never take it for granted. :heart: I think I am a better person that I was before I joined dA. I know I am a better photographer. I have you to thank for both of those things. So thank you all. :hug:

And now, as a small way of showing my thanks, take a look at some of my recent favourites in no particular order and from beginners to experts. Please give them all your support if you can. :hug:

Watcher of the stream by erynlasgalenphotoart       Rumbling in the distance by StonyStoneIsStoned2      Gone with the wind by dashakern

Once Upon a Rainy Evening by VelvetRedBullet       Nature's Guardian - The Last Breaths of the Forest by Soot-Sprite-1995          Gherkin by Shadoisk            Tynemouth Priory by Onion-chutney

Up To Nowhere by scheinbar       white narcissus by AStoKo     The Fathers Sin by Trippy4U    

it was a wonderful day by hekla01     Penguin by linneaphoto       Connemara. by Romylyn   

Soft Summer by IndigoSummerr        where time travel will take us by fotomademoiselle        Filigree by copper9lives          The Strength of One by Daisy919  

Panorama 25: Flow by ragnaice                         Stormy Sunday by dragon-fly-to-me     

Misty Morning by RezzanATAKOL                Remembering France... by Zasora           Beautiful sky by HimeraShape 

Autumn by Zasora         Still by LovieLovetree       Eye in the blue sky... by BWilliamWest      Tiny flower in black and white by TheRafflesia    Rippledipple by LovieLovetree    

Fly Away by Metal-Bender        Unthinkable by aspruli     Rise with the Sun by whispersoftheblue     Sundown on Loch Lomond by Crannogphotographic    

Sittin' On The Dock by picturesisters        Come on Here by IreneHorvath         Summertime by invisigoth88         Celtic Mystical II by MissGribouille   

The Shack House River by IdelleX        Through the eyes of a child by SilverMixx         sunshine by 1001G       Drawing way outside the lines by ChristineKalliri 

May your dreams come true.. by Luperkalia      With a Friend by Ghost-Wolf7   Reflections by tinileen     Coot feeding its young by linneaphoto    

*** by invisigoth88    Stormy by Annabelle-Chabert     Noctilucent by tinileen   

Trio by SilverMixx        Early Days ~ 19th Century England by richardcgreen         *** by invisigoth88         A Sinkhole Away by yadiyada27    

Our Paul by Luna-Caillean           The road to nowhere by Faroes          Hellooo! by Fiograph      Myths in Stone by SineLuce   

One by LovieLovetree     Inselberg by Annabelle-Chabert      ostrich by Hurricane007

       12 by Faroes        Collecting memories by thedaydreaminggirl

As always I apologise to all of you and all of the pieces I have not included today. I do keep all your works safe in my favourites and I keep all of you close to my heart. 

Have a lovely time all of you and keep doing what you do :hug:
Feel free to write to me and please.....keep leaving comments. I love comments :heart: :hug:
Take care :tighthug: 

:iconbigheartplz: :iconsmile--plz:


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Faroes Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Photographer
Wow..... I was definitely not expecting that...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hug 

You have no idea how happy this makes me, i mean, wow... I don't know if I deserve such a thing! I'll put to good use

LordLJCornellPhotos Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hahahaha, well it was meant to be a lovely surprise for you and I can see that it was :hug:
That is very good. I am very happy it has made you so happy :hug:

it it is my pleasure to make you this gift. I am sure you deserve it. I really hope you do have some fun with it :hug:
Faroes Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you!
I have only been here on dA for a month and have already met a wonderful person Heart 

This really makes me happy, but since I'm still slightly new here, I don't know how to use it...
I will try my best to figure it out and put it to good use!

This is a wonderful gift, that I still have a hard time believing I've been given, and I hope I'll be able to return the favor sometimeHug  

Once again: Thank you! red. 
LordLJCornellPhotos Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
That's very sweet of you dear Kristina :hug: 
 well we have three months to find out what you can do with it. :D
i will be happy to help you. 
I know you can do features and there are tutorials you can find that may help you. 
I will see if I can find anything useful to help you :hug:

please, you can write me anytime you like. Just send me a note :hug:
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yadiyada27 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
:biggrin3d: Biggrin 3D 50x50 derp Thank You Favorite 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteThank You Favorite 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote 
LordLJCornellPhotos Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure as always Yadi :hug:
IdiotTwins Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Thanx for the +Watch a lot!
I really do appreciate your support ^^
My my futureworks not diappoint you
Lioness enough for you, Mana? by IdiotTwins
LordLJCornellPhotos Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure Anouck :hug:
IdiotTwins Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
hehe you're really kind ^^
Would you please be so kind to spent 5 minutes of your time to read my latest journal? I'm looking for watchers who are willing to help me out
LordLJCornellPhotos Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
You can try to have some fun with this if you like 

curiosity killed the cat by LordLJCornellPhotos   

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