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Lawrence James Cornell
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United Kingdom
For the past few years I have spent my spare time travelling to different parts of the UK to try to get to know my own country and its people better. Photography is my passion. I hope my pictures tell the story I want to tell.

Please respect my right to my images. If you want to use them for any reason please contact me first and ask me. Otherwise I retain all copyright to all of my work.

Please fave as many pictures as you like. I appreciate all of them. What I love is comments. Please leave comments. I will always reply to comments.

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Happy St Valentine's Day everyone. Ok. It is not a day that is universally liked or admired. Like may things it has become a major money making industry which is a shame. That is the world we live in though and it is how the success or failure of many things is measured. The same can be said of Christmas. 
Underneath all the glitz and show business and shiny wrappings there is something at the heart of it though. This something may be tarnished and, even, damaged but is still there under layers of trappings. Whatever the shortcomings of St Valentine's Day in 2015 you can still find a kernel of hope if you dig deep enough. 
You may think of it as love. :heart: You may think of it as kindness. :hug: Maybe just a healthy respect for other human beings and their feelings. A chance to shine. A chance to be a better you. A chance to show you care. 
I hope you can use these days to be that better person and to find that you like it. Maybe you can be that better person every day. (This is beginning to sound like Bill Murray at the end of Scrooged):P 

So take the opportunity to let those you care about know that you care about them. Life can be short so live each day as if it is your last. If there is a special someone you have not yet let know how you feel about them ........go on.......take a chance. Who knows how that could develop? Maybe good, maybe not. If you don't take the chance you may never find out. 
If there is a special someone you have maybe stopped telling over the years, go on, tell them again. Let them know they are still so special to you. :heart: 
Life is about people, feelings and experiences.

On that note, I would like to share with you some people and their art. These are pictures or words I have found in the last two months or so that have made me smile, laugh, think or just feel good. Please enjoy them and maybe pay someone a visit and leave them a comment that could make their day :heart: :huggle:

Kissed by the sun by thedaydreaminggirl            In the kitchen by Adriellovesart c          Something Secret by doodler89           Monastery view by SilverMixx    Inside SGF by SilverMixx    The Bench by tartanink      Jugement by syliouThe Yellow House by GlassHouse-1

         Once upon a midnight dreary... by Aenea-Jones     Covered in White II by Aenea-Jones    Elegy by dashakern   Hang me up to dry by thedaydreaminggirl

you are born from fireYou were the boy
who ran with the lions
the one with the fire in his veins
and the roar of a thousand
behind him
the sun envied you
because you burned hotter
than he ever did
there was no use for pockets
not when you could hold all your possessions
in one hand
in one soul
– your gun and your pain –
who needs home anyway
when the road ahead is made for you to
walk it
you met the dirt like
an old friend
greeted the darkness as if it knew you
– and, oh, how it did –
and when you sang
graves filled with ash
and the sky died unlamented
and you walked on
with an old cassette tape
and soles of shoes
melting into colors of fear behind you
and there’s a scar somewhere
here and there and here
but, boy, oh boy,
where is your heart?
Did it not fit in your hand
or was it too heavy for you to carry
or did the road wash it away?
If there’s a time to go back that road,
to find it,
this is it, this is it.
When you do find it,
when it is too heavy for you to carr
     Curve of a Wave by EvaPolly     White by Schnitzelyne    sequentiality by fotomademoiselle    Cold I by Toni-R     

 Forest 10 by LillianEvill     Sunday Walk by 1001G     winter forest by Ingelore    Hungarian Parliament by TheRafflesia   

Winter Fairytale by dashakern    early morning by NattiLoo     Northern Lights 131 by ragnaice    Rising Hope by dashakern   

Dark shadows by Finsternisss   ~ Winter Wonder ~ by JoJoAsakura   Bright lights cast dark shadows by IreneHorvath    Forest 8 by LillianEvill   

Winter Wonderland by PassionAndTheCamera    293 by Schnitzelyne    winter time by thanka8    Light My Way by EvaPolly    

Hoping by 7BeautifulMidnights    Red by SilverMixx    Losing Herself Again by doodler89    Je suis Charlie by Sweetlylou    dripping winter by ColorfulLadybug   

 Img 2606 2 by Walkingcomic    C U R I O U S by VelvetRedBullet  4/52 - Tranquility by IndigoSummerr   Reds by Nelleke    

The Swiss Life by artamusica       Moskenes, Norway. by pikkuinenmyy    for evermore by IreneHorvath   

 Lost Religion 8 by Bojkovski    Place by LovieLovetree     Loch Glascarnoch by piglet365     1/52 - I'm feelin' blue by IndigoSummerr     fragile by IreneHorvath   

I Loved You by Quindayo    Freedom by Annabelle-Chabert    Retrospect by dragon-fly-to-me    Winter Path by Luna-Caillean  

Frost on Brown Leaves by Daisy919   Undulate by SilverMixx   Winter Fairy by gigi50   Cozy by kgramza89    Home is behind, the world ahead (IV) by valhaellah   

Switzerland by AccioSally    Autumn danced its farewell blues by dashakern    Frozen by erynlasgalenphotoart   London Twilight by Nelleke    that crooked smile by NocturnalScribe  

~pOsh~ by Fajralam    Eternal by FlabnBone    color patch in winter by ColorfulLadybug    When the blue hour comes by Morgan-Lou   Thinking by initialfantasy   

   Seljalandsfoss by Yasariya    winter alley by 4ajka   Freedom by Myronavitch    miraculous sky by hekla01   Kvalvika by Annabelle-Chabert  

Tired Santa by MissGrib    Worship me now by SilverMixx     winterwonderland by Fiograph    Blue Day by dashakern   

Nat by DayaTom     BA - I really can't stay!! by BoudiccaAmat    Winter dream by Melusine8    Merry Christmas my friends! by SineLuce   

Nobody but you by SilverMixx     It's Not So Black And White...Sometimes by Trippy4U     Above Vancouver by dashakern     

So there they are. A few of my recent favourites. :love: I love them all and I love their creators even more :love: All of these people and more who have not been featured this time have a special place in my heart. :heart:

Have a lovely day all of you :huggle:
Live each day like it may be your last. Share your love. Make this world a better place. (You all do that anyway :heart: You certainly make my life a better place)


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Spring L by KmyGraphic
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